Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Stable whisper (or the return of horse whisper)

Hello everybody, we are back. Following a winter break we are ready to hit the bookies again. Starting with Cheltenham week, we will be updating the new stable whisper site with selections, news and views. 


  1. I wondered where you'd got to old boy.

    Welcome back to the racing blogosphere..

    Cheers, Jon

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  3. Thanks Jon, will try and do an ante post piece for Cheltenham this week. If so I will post it to your blog.

  4. hi noel
    nice to see your up and running again, thought for a minute you had lost your hearing and couldn't hear the horses whisper anymore, although i am getting a bit concerned now, though, that you can hear stables whispering.
    Animals i can understand as many people say that horses whisper, but i would be a bit concerned if i woke up in the morning and found you with your ear against my stable wall,saying "the stable would like a cup of tea with two sugars"
    all the best and nice to see you back.