Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What a poor first day...

Tatenen's fall has messed up my ante post plans. But never mind will try and get it back today. Well Jonjo stuffed us by switching races for Cant Buy Time, so we will have to trust his judgement and plump for the this one in the 1.30. In the 2.05 Karabak is the pick. He has improved with every race and there could still be more to come. In the 2.40 Cooldine could be the one to be on. Ruby Walsh has chosen this ahead of What A Friend and he has the form in the book.


  1. hi noel
    didn't get back till late and am off early so no time to study the form properly.
    i will write down your slections and go with them as i know you have put the work in and won't be far away .
    all the best

  2. Hello Noel

    I believe your are more or less spot on in your predictions for todays action, with Can't Buy Time as the good thing of the day. A cracking individual with all the gears, will get 3m as well as 5m in due course and is a coming National contender in my book. Karabak looks a very decent animal in the making and with AP booked this is my idea of the winner. In the 2.40 I believe Massini's Maguire is the cheif threat to Cooldine, a regular around here and this race looks sure to suit his style of running, a very decent EW bet at least. Master Minded will be crowned champion the Queen Mother, anything else would make throw the form book in the bin. Briareus is a lively contender for the forecasts. The next two races look very tricky indeed, a shock result in on of these not unlikely. I'll put up Cadspeed at a price in the bumper for Ireland.

    All the best with todays betting!